Lucy is a creepypasta who was a happy rich girl, she was then knocked unconscious by her butler and sold to a old guy who abused her. He then killed her at midnight when she tried to escape from him.

Lucy wears a turquoise dress with a sky blue ribbon on her waist and hair. She has her lower left arm missing, her right leg bone is showing, she has a huge gash on her head after she was struck by an axe. She has blonde messy hair with blue eyes. She's covered in dirt and blood along with multiple of cuts on her body for trying to escape.


Lucy is a 8 year old girl who died after being sold to Christopher Grey. Lucy was a 7 year old rich girl who was trying on her dress when her butler knocked her unconscious just so he could get rid of her. She was then abused and forced to clean and cook for the old man. She tried to escape the day before her birthday but ended up failing. Christopher killed her with a axe and dumped her body out in the woods he lived in. Her spirit then started to haunt him telling him she would get her revenge. The cops came to arrest him but decided to put him in a mental institution after screaming for help. He stood in a padded white room in a straight jacket just to have his life taken from the 8 year old spirit. She now resides in her abandoned home.


The little ghost girl can be sweet, quiet and shy, but all that changes when she is angered. Lucy becomes Violent and aggressive, levitating huge objects to kill her victum with


° She was 7 when she was sold and died on her birthday

° "Will you be my next toy to break?" is her catchphrase

° She is usually seen with a group of ghost kids that was also killed by Christopher

° It is said that when you hear her giggle you are her next victum

° she goes for over weight, and mid 40' men

° If anyone is caught in her house they will be cursed and haunted by her

Latest activityEdit

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Lifeless lucy by nightmarequeenkasei-daq8603

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